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A Common View of
The Children's Aid Society

Since Children's Aid Society has been in the main stream media a great deal these days I have received many emails and phone calls from all over Canada regarding the improper treatment of Children's Aid Society Staff towards children in care and the general public. I have received many complaints regarding how the Court System feeds into the heavy handed head games being played on parents by The Children's Aid Society Workers on every level.

The Children's Aid Society is trying very hard to keep this type of mistreatment out of the main stream media. The General public is well aware of it and have been for many years. Our trusted officials need to look at the facts:

When the public begins to mistrust the officials such as the Children's Aid Society we have a great deal more then just a problem. That trust is very important and it has weakened a great deal.

I know that with what I have learned I would never trust any system that fails at something and does nothing to correct their mistakes. I could never trust a person who made mistakes, could not own up to them and did not work to correct them.

It is one thing to make mistakes in life (that is how we learn) but If one does not see them one cannot grow or ever know humility.


Below is an email I received last week from a former Street Kid. This will give you an idea of what I have been told is the publics view on The Children's Aid Society:

Did You Know

by Anne Marie

Did you know that if you are in a children's aid society home in Toronto you are not aloud to look out the window or speak your mind without being drugged, locked up or put in jail.
Richie at 15 years of age was residing in a Society Group Home. He was a very hurt child, raped by his mother , aunt and Grandfather. He often just spaces out and looks out the window. He did this when he was in this group home and they told him to stop staring out the window.

Later that day when they found Richie staring out the window again two of the workers began to mock, put down and threaten him. Then they began to ask him questions (after they had threatened him) and he would not answer. Then they proceeded to grab him, force him into a chair, tied his hands to the arms of the chair and drug him. After a few hours of getting no response these workers called the police and had Richie removed from the group home. Rich returned later and was locked out.

Munchie at 12 years old was in her group home on a very cold winter night in January pf 2000. Munchie was very opinionated even as a young child. When she would not stop trying to state her opinion one night, her workers grabbed her, threw her on a couch and sat on her. Munchie was after words sent to her room, where the workers locked the door. Munchie jumped out a three story window to the street, without any shoes or coat, in the middle of winter. Munchie ran to the highway and hitchhiked from a small town north of Brampton to Toronto.

Did you know that if a children's aid shelter wants they can put children on the streets.

If they do not like you or you do anything out of line they open the door and throw you out.
Below are just a very few this has happened to:

These children were on the streets because Children's Aid Society Threw them out to the streets.
They did not run they walked with the doors opened by their workers. These doors were supposed to be locked.

Richie was 15 years old when he went home to find he was locked out of his group home. He pounded on the door and was told to
go away or the police would be called and he would be arrested. Richie stood at the door crying and another street kid
took him to Covenant House and LoveCry .

Chris was 15 years old when he arrived at his group home one evening. Chris and Tommy (13 years old) had an argument. Both
Chris and Tommy things were quickly packed up and they told they could go and not to come back or the police would be called.

Munchie was 11 years old when she was put to the streets. The police found her and took her back to her group home. Directly
after the police left the aid worker unlocked a locked facility door and told Munchie she could leave. She did.

Becca was 13 years old when she was living in group homes. Her issues kept pulling her back to the streets. She would tell the workers these things but no one would believe her. The nightmares got to be too much and she ended up on crack.

Sherry was 11 when she was kicked to the streets. She also had many issues all being ignored.

Terry was 14 years old kicked out of his group home. One night Terry got into an argument with a worker and found himself on the streets.

Jeremy was 11 years old and told to leave his group home, by his worker.

Beth was 14 ran from her group home saying her worker was threatening to trow her out.

Jeremy M 15, kicked out of his group home.

Shaun 12 years old, the door was left open and he was taunted to leave by his worker.
Did you know that if you give up your child to Children's Aid Society, or even a private adoption agency for adoption, you will be marked as an unfit parent
even if you are not.

Heather at 15 years old was pregnant and on the streets. She went to LoveCry and asked Angel to help her get off the streets and into
therapy as well as give her child up for adoption. Angel contacted an adoption agency and we went to work finding the child a good home.

Heather had never taken any drugs and did not drink alcohol. She was very responsible for the situation by recognizing that she was far too young and immature to raise a child and asking for proper help. The child David is doing very well.

Later Heather after going through therapy, getting an education and getting married wanted to have a child with her husband.
This they did but while they were having this child Children's Aid Society found out and workers showed up at Heather's
hospital bed haranguing and harassing her about taking drugs she had never taken or even seen in her life.

One of the nurses, working with Heather overheard the Children's Aid Workers demanding Heather answer her questions and
threatening to take her child, came to Heathers rescue. She informed them that there are absolutely no drugs in Heathers blood
tests at all and asked them to leave the hospital room.

Janet was 18 years old on the streets and pregnant. She was not on any form of drugs and wanted to give her
child up for adoption. This was the second child that Janet was wanting to give up. She knew that she was not in any position
in life to raise a child, but she was no drug addict either.

Children's Aid society decided to lie on the papers given to the court for this adoption. The Society knows that If they told
a judge that Janet was on some form of illegal drugs there would be little or no chance of Janet being able to have a child
(after she healed or any time) she could keep.

The Society worker told the courts and put on Janet's records that Janet was on CRACK. Janet was never on crack so Janet went to LoveCry and talked to Angel about it and we all decided to peacefully
protested. During a meeting at Children's Aid we proved that Janet was never on any drugs. They promised to change their
records but never did. The Society still, to this day persist on telling these lies.

Did you know that Children's Aid Society listens to gossip all the time and if they tell any court authority what they have
herd, The Society's word is always believed even if it is totally fabricated and most times they lie because they just don't
like the person they are speaking about because the person at hand has told one of the Aid workers off for some reason or

I say this because Children's aid society never have any proof when they tell these tales.
The Aid Society give this information to the courts without proof of any kind. Your name is then put on a black list and your
are classed as an unfit parent. True or untrue, even if you can prove them wrong, your proof is rejected and your name is
blackened and all lies believed.

Leaha was a ward of Children's Aid Society during her preteen years. She ran to the streets due to abuse from the Children's Aid Workers .Leaha was only 13 years old.

After she grew up, had years of therapy and counsellings, got an education and married Leaha decided to start a family. Leaha was over 30 years old and well off the streets by the time Children's Aid Society was told some lies and began to harangue and harass, her husband and children.
Leaha, her husband and children were put through years of hell being watched, having to report, endure spot home visits and harassed by Children's Aid Society. There were never any criminal charges on Leaha or her husband or any form of proof of Leaha being a bad mother(only gossip) that was never proved by Children's Aid Society as being or not being true. All they used against her was that Leaha was abused and as a young child was on the streets (she was on the streets because of Children's aid society's abuse to

Due to gossip that was never proven Leaha was put through all manners of humiliation and begging to be left alone to raise her family. Her oldest child is now 8 years old and after fighting and proving for 8 years finally Leaha file is closed.

Other than the emotional scarring put on these children and their parents by the Children's Aid Workers Leaha now has four beautiful, healthy children.

Did you know that if you are ever on the streets for any reason Children's Aid Society can mark your name and will be at the hospital to take your children when they are borne. Again no proof of your being an unfit parent.

Many people, especially street kids that have matured are just not aware of their rights, they have no proper legal representation or the money to pay them if they did, and are written off without given any chance to heal or change, just because they were once on the streets for whatever reason.

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Did you know that if you report child abuse to Children's Aid Society they will only listen if they are not busy eating their lunch, doing their make up or tired. Children have died due to this one.

If someone that has already had dealings with the Aid Society and the workers do not like them for personal or any other reasons, the workers will not take your report seriously at all.

Children have died due to this one.

Did you know that if Children's Aid Society does not like you for any reason you are blacklisted? You could be the best parent
ever and they will make sure the courts and all others know due to their reports you are the worst parent in the world.

This one I am very familiar with.

When a good friend of mine founded LoveCry there was much gossip going around about her. No one knew Angel at all and did not bother getting to know her because they had their pre-conceived gossip to believe in.

Street kids (being an ex-street kid, I know this to be true) gossip when they do not get their own way or if they like you.

One day they will love you and the next hate you.

When Angel made it very clear that no means no. When she did they put her down and made up totally horrid, completely untrue stories.

Then when she'd give them what they wanted they'd put her up so high that no one can reach her. The greatest, Their Saviour.


Many people who have no need for the society have complained to LoveCry that when they have called the society they have been treated with utter disrespect and told they were wasting the workers time they were speaking to. I have over heard these telephone conversations and read emails many times when visiting LoveCry

The Society listens to the tall stories and always believe the negative. If they don't like you or you have what they term wasted their time or disagreed with them on any subjects.

If by chance they don't like you and you are in a custody battle with the other parent they will side with the other parent and you will loose. It truly looks like the Society has our court system in their pockets by the amount of blind trust our judges give them.

Many very good parents are unable to see their children because The Society, without proof took the side of the parent due to what I see as prejudice. They do not check to see what is or is not true.

Like in the case of Jeffery Baldwin. Myself being close to Angel who is his cousin know that the Grandmother Susan wanted to raise Jeffery even her Aunt Cathy and Jeffery's other Grandmother was wanting to help, as did her Cousin Frank and many other family members. Angel speaks very highly of all of them. She says they are her blood.

The society, due to listening to gossip gave Jeffery to the other Grandparents, who murdered him.

It is far too late when a child has died to see the reason is the Children's Aid Society listens to Gossip.

I know at least one person who had half custody of his child and was not getting along with the mother. The mother was told by the society that they would take her child from both of the parents if she did not take the father to court and fight for custody.

This type of thing happens more then we ever see.

And How do I know all of this?

Well I am one of them. I was in a group home and ended up on the streets because I believe that I was abused more in the group home then I was the home they took me out of.

There were many more stories and maybe I will add to this some day but for now this is my start.

Anne Marie

This type of thing happens more then we ever see.

Thanks For Reading This!!!

It is far too late when a child has died to see the reason is the Children's Aid Society listens to Gossip

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