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Please Help Baby Kendra

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Please Help Baby Kendra
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Baby Kendra is one of the children that are being held or placed in homes by The Children's Aid Society and is in constant danger of abuse or are being abused.

Not so much different then Jeffrey Baldwin or the other children that have died due to the problems within The Children's Aid Society that have not been addressed by anyone not even by The Children's Aid Society


Baby Kendra is still alive.
19 Month Old Baby Kendra Intoxicated after being in the Care of her Father, Robert Leighton

At 5:02pm on January 13, 2007 my little girl, Kendra was returned home to me after being in the care of her Father, Robert Leighton for seven hours that day.

I immediately noticed that Kendra was not herself. I asked Robert if Kendra had eaten. As he was walking away at quite a steady pace he answered, "Yes". I asked, "Dinner?" And still walking away he answered, "No, Lunch."

I then asked him if Kendra napped. He replied, "Yes."

Then Robert Leighton and his Girlfriend Lynn Murray stepped onto the elevator.

It was quite apparent to me that he was in a rush.

Kendra smelt as if she had been bathed in perfume, she seemed tired and withdrawn.

I sat down with Kendra and snuggled her for a couple of minutes, then I started to undress her to make sure there were no suspicious marks or bruises on her, as she has returned home from being with her Robert Leighton on several occasions with suspicious bruises. (you can read about the previous incidents in the "other incidents" section located in the navigation bar)

When I saw that there were no bruises on Kendra, I put her down. As she started to walk I was horrified.

Kendra was stumbling; she had no sense of balance. I rushed to her to pick her up. It was at that moment I could smell alcohol on my Baby girl's breath.

My immediate reaction was to instruct somebody to call 911. My Brother's Girlfriend called the Paramedics.

Four Paramedics arrived, and along with four Police Officers and a Police Sergeant.

After the Paramedics tested Kendra's heart rate and blood sugar, they rushed us to the Emergency Room.

On the way to the E.R. they were using their lights and sirens.

The Police called the on call Child Protection worker with Halton's Children's Aid Society.

Kendra had blood tests that showed Ethyl-alcohol in her blood stream and her blood alcohol level was above the legal limit for an adult.

This was an extremely traumatic and unnecessary experience for Kendra that could have potentially killed her. The Hospital's Pediatrician advised me that the amount of alcohol in her system was lethal for a child of her age and weight and that it could cause long term damage.

How could a Father leave his own Daughter's life hanging in the hands of fate?

Instead of being protected by her Father, Kendra needs to be protected from her Father.

My fears now weigh on my lack of faith in our Policing Services, and the Children's Aid Society, as both have investigated previous suspicions of Child Abuse and yet neither has been able to protect my Daughter from the wrath her Father.

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